In-House Dialysis

Renal failure is an unfortunately common affliction that strikes individuals as they age, and can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The condition occurs when kidneys become unable to filter waste products from the blood. Kidney dialysis is a treatment that helps clear waste and excess water from the blood. Many nursing homes are unable to offer the process on site, and must transport patients to a separate facility to ensure they receive all the services required

The Laurels of Walden Park and American Renal Associates offer in-house dialysis to provide a better option for patients. This eliminates the need for our patients to be transported to an off-site dialysis clinic. Patients in need of peritoneal dialysis will receive this service in the comfort of their own room. The Laurels Dialysis Program is Directed by Dr. Wesley Forgue who is specialized in Nephrology and affiliated with Ohio Heath, Mt. Carmel Health System, and Licking Memorial Hospital.

Benefits of the Walden Park Dialysis Program:

  • Convenience – The In-House Dialysis Program at The Laurels of Walden Park provides a nice alternative to the time consuming and sometimes difficult challenge of transporting loved ones to an off-site dialysis unit several days a week. We focus on the unique schedule of each guest.
  • Coordinated Care – Our program serves to minimize disruptions of planned therapy and meals.  Guests will be able to maintain similarities to the current dialysis regimen. 

Our hemodialysis unit offers televisions so the patients may relax and watch television or listen to music while receiving their dialysis. The Laurels staff is trained in the specialized renal diet, and provide a Registered Dietitian to oversee their dietary requirements and consult with our nephrologist that follows the patients at our facility.  Your comfort is our top priority. 

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